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Bionka card.png
Base HP:
Primary Attack Type:
Primary Damage Type:
Trap Affinity:
Cost in Store:
1500Currency Gold.png or 12000Currency Skulls.png

Bionka the Queen Momma is a playable hero in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

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Description[edit source]

Bionka is a tough melee hero that deals heavy damage with her flail. She may be slow, but she dominates her foes.

Character Bio[edit source]

Matriarch of the orcs and leader of the Unchained, Bionka's main missions are to crush the Order and make a better world for her "babbies" the orcs.

Abilities[edit source]

Icon Type Name Description Damage Cost Cooldown (s) Notes
Queen Of The Unchained icon.png Passive Queen Of The Unchained Killing large minions fills Bionka's Unchained meter even if she has not earned a combo. N/A N/A N/A
Mace To Face icon.png Primary Mace To Face Bionka swings her flail in a wide melee attack.  ??? 0 0s
Slam it Down icon.png Secondary Slam it Down Bionka slams the ground with her flail dealing heavy damage.  ??? 35 10s
Bionka Bounce icon.png Unique Bionka Bounce Bionka jumps up and bounces on the ground, knocking enemies up into the air in a radius. 0 30 11s If the ceiling is low, the airborne time is consequently reduced.
Beat Dem Back icon.png Epic Beat Dem Back Bionka winds up her flail to unleash a devastating medium range attack. Attack causes a heavy knockback.  ??? 50 40s

Upgrades[edit source]

Icon Name Description
Tier 1
(Battle Level 2)
Love My Mace icon.png Love My Mace Dealing damage to an enemy with Slam it Down reduces the cooldown of Beat Dem Back by 5s.
Love Da Unchained icon.png Love Da Unchained Increases Unchained energy from Unchained drops by +50%.
Love My Armor icon.png Love My Armor Reduces damage taken from orcs by 50%.
Tier 2
(Battle Level 4)
Unchained Momma icon.png Unchained Momma Increases the duration of Unchained by +25%.
Bouncy Momma icon.png Bouncy Momma Increases the height of Bionka Bounce's knockup by +50%.
Mean Momma icon.png Mean Momma Reduces the mana cost of Beat Dem Back by -35%.
Tier 3
(Battle Level 7)
Make Dem Stop icon.png Make Dem Stop Bionka Bounce slows enemies by -40% for 5s when they land from its knockup.
Make Dem Work icon.png Make Dem Work Grants Bionka Bounce a 50% chance to trigger traps in its area.
Make Dem Ded icon.png Make Dem Ded Enemies landing from Bionka Bounce knockup are dealt damage. Damage scales with level.
Tier 4
(Battle Level 10)
Queen of Hurt icon.png Queen of Hurt Slam it Down leaves a crater that slows enemies by -40%.
Queen of Speed icon.png Queen of Speed Increases Bionka's movement speed during Unchained by +50%.
Queen of Heals icon.png Queen of Heals Health below 10% triggers a shield worth 40% of Bionka's max health. Lasts 5s. 180s cooldown.

Vanity[edit source]

Icon Name Description How to Obtain
Bionka Fluffalump icon.png Bionka Fluffalump "I am pleasingly plush!" - Bionka, the Queen Momma Grand Vanity Chest
Bionka Lizard Queen icon.png Bionka Lizard Queen "I can do ANYTHING!” - Bionka, the Queen Momma Store

Cost: 1000 Currency Gold.png

Bionka Queen Momma icon.png Bionka Queen Momma Matriarch of the orcs and leader of the Unchained, Bionka's main missions are to crush the Order and make a better world for her "babbies" the orcs. By Default

Hero Related Achievements[edit source]

Name Icon Description
Beauty and Beast icon.png Beauty and Beast Deal 200,000 damage in a single match as Bionka.
Kobold Crushin' icon.png Kobold Crushin' Kill 1,000 kobolds as Bionka.
Rift Rippin' icon.png Rift Rippin' Destroy 50 unstable rifts as Bionka.
Simply Slamming icon.png Simply Slamming Kill 5,000 enemies with Bionka's Slam It Down.

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