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In the Bios there is a story line, but a couple don't reference this story line. This is one of the cases. Lore summary from Bio:

This is copies of the Wulfhawkinman Enthusiasts Official Newsletter. It starts off by referencing Maximilians Bio with the incident of him releasing all the chickens (Maxmilians punishment is refilling all the order torches). We also find out that Cygnus is a subscriber to the newsletter. (This is also mentioned in Cygnus' bio) Perrell the president of the fan club, follows news reports to Weston-under-mountain trying to find the mythical creature known as the Wulfhawkinman. Weston-under-mountain lies under castle Weston (AKA: Highlands). Perrell then encounters the source of the newsletter, Blackpaw. Blackpaw is attacking members of the cult of death (see Oziels Bio) for killing gnolls. Perrell is convinced that Blackpaw is a Wulfhawkinman. So Perrell organises a meeting of nearby members of the fan club. To find and capture Blackpaw to protect the Wulfhawkinman race from dying out. (We aren't told if Cygnus is one of these nearby members, although in the OMDU tutorial Cygnus is in Castle Weston being attacked by orcs). The fan club then decide to team up with the cult of death to capture Blackpaw. They stumble into Blackpaw, and the cult of death start shooting Blackpaw. Perrell decides to protect Blackpaw from the cult of death and dies as a result. Blackpaw escapes and goes missing. Based after OMD 1.

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