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Enemies come in varying forms and sizes, all with the same goal of attacking and conquesting the Rifts to obtain their magic. The types of enemies you can encounter are: the common and regular minions, bigger and more threatening Boss minions and the special hired Mercenaries.

In Orcs Must Die! Unchained, enemies attacking are from the opposite faction than the Maps you are defending the Rifts on. Most maps are from one of the main factions: Order or Unchain, so attacking minions will be of the other faction and possibly combined with their allied factions.

Minions[edit | edit source]

Minions are the common enemies. The incoming waves of enemies are mostly composed of minions. They are from different races and Factions.

Minions can be considered of the following types:

  • Hunters: Their focus is on the heroes, they will target the Heroes that are in their path to the rift. They don't score Rift Points.
  • Barricade threats: They can destroy your barricades, some will search for Barricades around the map to destroy them. They show as yellow dots in the minimap.
  • Large minions: They are like regular minions but aren't affected by Physics Traps. They show as bigger red dots in the minimap.
  • Runners: They are regular minions but ignore everything to rush to the Rift.
  • Support minions: They support other minions by shielding, adding movement speed or healing them.
  • Shielded minions: They are immune to frontal attacks which protects minions behind them.

Only Hunter Minions can be damaged by Big Game Hunting Traps.

Their goals change from type to type but all have as ultimate goal to reach the rift. All of them have different stats and abilities, you can see that in detail in the list below.

List of Minions[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Bosses are bigger and stronger enemies with special abilities that will rush to the Rift Like regular minions. They have much more Health Pointsand are considerably Bigger than minions, paired with their special abilities, they are a bigger threat and shouldn't be ignored. They also score more points if they reach the rift.

Their primary goal is to reach the rift and score but most of them also have abilities to help themselves and the wave of minions to accomplish it. Their abilities focus on disrupting players and their killboxes. Some examples of these abilities are: being immune to Crowd-Control Effects (CC), Resurrecting minions, Buffing nearby minions with extra damage or health, Disable traps, Destroy barricades, etc.

  • Bosses show as big Stars in the minimap.

List of Bosses[edit | edit source]

Detailed View
Minion Preview Faction Appears Description Base HP Base Speed Rift Points
Bulgod the Armored Ogre Bulgod the Armored Ogre image.png Unchained Apprentice As an armored ogre general, Bulgod disables traps in a wide area with his attacks, giving his troops a better chance at surviving. 3920 1 4 Rift Point icon.png
Commander Tower Commander Tower image.png Order Master Commander Tower leads his army to victory by leading the charge and protecting all minions behind him with towering shield. 3800 1 6 Rift Point icon.png
Dread Dread image.png Unchained Apprentice His name is what the Order feels when they see him on the battlefield. Dread, an orc general, buffs his compatriots with health to help them survive. 2240 1 4 Rift Point icon.png
Gaeadin the Earth Lord Gaeadin the Earth Lord image.png Elementals War Mage The Earth Lord, Gaeadin, is immune to slows and stuns and splits into smaller versions of herself when destroyed, making her very hard to kill. 3000 1 6 Rift Point icon.png
Grenwalde the Nature Lord Grenwalde the Nature Lord image.png Elementals Apprentice The Nature Lord, Grenwalde, blesses those who respect nature by using his powers to heal his allies. He also steals life from his foes. 2800 1 4 Rift Point icon.png
Iceberg the Ice Lord Iceberg the Ice Lord image.png Elementals Master He is resistant to frost damage, but susceptible to fire damage, and splits into smaller elementals when damaged.

The Ice Lord, Iceberg, hails from the frozen frost caverns of Arctos. The release of frost magic has also attracted the attention of Iceberg. Always vigilant, Iceberg will seek out and punish those who misuse ice magic. He is not happy that the Unchained now have the power to use frost magic.
3800 1 6 Rift Point icon.png
Infinite Bulgod Infinite Bulgod image.png Unchained As an armored ogre general, Bulgod disables traps in a wide area with his attacks, giving his troops a better chance at surviving. 3920 1 4 Rift Point icon.png
Infinite Swiftyhooves Infinite Swiftyhooves image.png Order A very large and very fast satyr, Swiftyhooves dashes quickly towards enemy rifts, jumping any walls or barricades in his path. 2464 2 6 Rift Point icon.png
Infinite Tubifore Infinite Tubifore image.png Unchained The son Bionka never speaks of, Tubifore, attacks barricades and regenerates health when he is not taking damage. 3360 1 6 Rift Point icon.png
Lyzander, Cult of Death Resurrector Lyzander, Cult of Death Resurrector image.png Unchained War Mage "Death is as impermanent as life if you know the secrets of resurrection." - Stallid, High Priest of the Cult of Death 2800 1 4 Rift Point icon.png
Mr. Moneybags Mr. Moneybags image.png Unchained Master A well-heeled ogre from old ogre money, Mr. Moneybags runs to the Rift ignoring everything but also leaves a generous amount of coin behind when killed.

He is also completely harmless and doesn't give any damage to the Rift, which making him very easy to kill.
3920 1 0 Rift Point icon.png
Orfum the Mountain Troll Orfum the Mountain Troll image.png Unchained War Mage A venerated mountain troll warrior, Orfum deals an impressive amount of damage and regenerates his health quickly. He ignores physics traps. 3360 1 6 Rift Point icon.png
Sarge Sarge image.png Order Apprentice Sarge is a legend among Order soldiers, and his mere presence inspires them to fight more fiercely. Soldiers near Sarge deal increased damage. 2576 1 4 Rift Point icon.png
Scurvy Rumrudder Scurvy Rumrudder image.png Pirates War Mage As a full-time pirate and part-time guardian, Scurvy Rumrudder knows how to hit a guardian where it hurts. As a boss, Scurvy deals increased damage to guardians. 2240 1 4 Rift Point icon.png
Snowflake the Yeti Snowflake the Yeti image.png Frost Clan Master When angered, Snowflake loves to lob deadly snowballs at her enemies, freezing them as she angrily stomps towards their rifts.

Snowflake is not as gentle as her name implies. The frosty conditions have made the climate more comfortable for the yeti, who have made their way into the region. The most notorious of these yeti is the incorrigible Snowflake. If encountered, it is best to get out of her way! She is resistant to frost damage but susceptible to fire damage.
3920 1 Rift Point icon.png
Swiftyhooves Swiftyhooves image.png Order Master A very large and very fast satyr, Swiftyhooves dashes quickly towards enemy rifts, jumping any walls or barricades in his path. 2464 2 6 Rift Point icon.png
TikLik the Hobgoblin Shaman TikLik the Hobgoblin Shaman image.png Unchained Master The leader of the hobgoblin shamans, TikLik, wears the mysteriously powerful chieftain mask. TikLik uses his powers to heal his allies and steal life from his enemies. 672 1 4 Rift Point icon.png
Tubifore Tubifore image.png Unchained Master The son Bionka never speaks of, Tubifore, attacks barricades and regenerates health when he is not taking damage.

Nobody knows for sure what this four-armed, two-headed boss is, but he is as effective as he is strange-looking. Using his four, giant fists, he smashes through barricades. He's a resilient boss too, regenerating his health when out of combat. Rumor has it that this boss is another of Bionka's sons, but she's not talking and we're not rude enough to ask.
3360 1 6 Rift Point icon.png
Urza the Fire Lord Urza the Fire Lord image.png Elementals Master As king of the fire lords, Urza is very hard to kill. When Urza's main form is destroyed, he splits into smaller, explosive versions of himself. Urza also resists fire damage. 5040 1 6 Rift Point icon.png
Vitality the Cyclops Resurrector Vitality the Cyclops Resurrector image.png Unchained Apprentice As a disciple of Stinkeye, Vitality has learned the secrets of resurrection. On the battlefield, Vitality resurrects allied minions and steals life from his foes. 2800 1 4 Rift Point icon.png

Mercenaries[edit | edit source]

Mercenaries are special enemies which mission is mostly to support the regular minions and Bosses, helping them in their mission of reaching the Rift. Mercenaries have special abilities that focus in making easier the path for the Minions by either escorting them or by being an annoyance to the players. Abilities range from disabling traps and attacking heroes to shield, heal and escort minions.

  • Mercenaries show as small Stars in the minimap.
  • Mercenaries always drop Pick Ups when killed.

List of Mercenaries[edit | edit source]

Detailed View
Minion Preview Faction Description Target
Bouncer Bear Bouncer Bear image.png Order Bouncing Bear is a Mercenary that defends the minions, he escorts the minions to the rift attacking enemy heroes that are in the way. He charges against nearby Heroes knocking them back on hit and dealing damage to barricades in the way of his charge. If he reaches the Rift or there are no minions left, he will charge all the way back to the Minion Portal. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades.

The last thing a hero wants is to be bounced by the Bouncer Bear. This bear acts as a bodyguard to allied minions and escorts them to the rift. When heroes get too close, he charges them, knocking them back (potentially into battleground hazards) and dealing damage to any barricades in his way. Be careful around the Bouncer Bear, or your hero may find themselves bounced out of the battleground.
Chaotic Kobold Chaotic Kobold image.png Unchained Chaotic Kobold is a Mercenary that runs around the map ignoring heroes and disabling traps, they are very fast Mercenaries that run around the map creating energy crystals that disable nearby traps. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades.

Rushing onto the battleground at great speed, the Chaotic Kobold is hard to hit and kill. What makes him an even more challenging is his penchant for "gifting" crystals all over the battleground that disable nearby traps and slow nearby heroes. But disabling the crystals won't do a hero much good; until he's dead, he will continue to speed around the map placing and re-placing crystals.
Dwarf Priest Dwarf Priest image.png Order Dwarf Priest is a Mercenary that escorts minions, he can create a bubble shield around him that prevents minions inside from taking damage coming from outside the shield. He also has a very powerful spell that heals nearby minions over time, a long and powerful regeneration buff. He retreats to the Minion Portal when he reaches the rift or no minions are remaining Mercenaries can leap over Barricades.

Equipped with the ability to shield minions, heal them, and buff them with damage dealing and reduction spells, this slow-moving mercenary, the Dwarf Shaman, protects allied minions while escorting them to the rift. Heroes must either stand inside the shield or kill the Dwarf Shaman to damage his minion allies. Once he reaches the rift, he will go back to the start of a lane to escort more minions.
Gnoll Breeder Gnoll Breeder image.png Unchained Gnoll Breeder is a Mercenary that hunts Heroes, he throws cages near enemy heroes that spawn 4 Teacup Gnolls which hunt heroes down by their high damage and slow debuff on hit. The mercenary is unable to directly attack. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades. Heroes
Human iMage Human iMage image.png Order Human iMages are masters of disguise who create iMages of themselves to confuse and hunt down heroes. The iMages use magic of all 4 elements to attack the Heroes, each of the clones uses a different type of magic. If the heroes take down a fake iMage, the iMage will respawn. But if heroes are able to kill the real Mage, all the iMages will fall with him. It spawns as many clones as players are in the match. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades. Heroes
Pride Assassin Pride Assassin image.png Order Pride Assassin is a Mercenary that hunts Heroes. These highly-trained, stealthy assassins hunt random heroes. They use cloak to get close to their prey, attack, and then cloak again to retreat and heal. They can heal up to 50% when entering stealth. Chased Hero will see a mark in their screen. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades.

Cloaked in shadow, the Pride Assassin stalks the battleground invisible to its enemies, hunting down heroes and "marking" them for assassination. When he goes in for the kill, he reveals himself at close range and launches a devastating melee attack. If the hero puts up a fight, the Pride Assassin retreats to the shadows to heal its wounds. Once healed enough, it will return to attack and will keep retreating and attacking until he is killed.
Teacup Gnoll Teacup Gnoll image.png Unchained Teacup Gnoll is a Mercenary that hunts Heroes, teacup gnolls are used as weapons by Gnoll Breeders, they only spawn when a Breeder encounters enemy heroes and release them. Teacup Gnolls have high damage attacks but low health, they also heavily slow enemies on hit. They are temporal minions and disappear after some seconds. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades. Heroes

List of Minion and Bosses Abilities[edit | edit source]

Unstable Rifts[edit | edit source]

Unstable Rifts are small rifts that appear at different locations and at unexpected times. These unstable rifts spawn a small wave of Minions or even a Boss. Players are warned when an unstable rift appears, giving players a short time to attack and destroy it before it spawns additional Enemies. If a team or player fails to destroy the unstable rift while it is spawning, it will open and allow an additional enemy army to enter the Battleground and attack the Rift.

They start appearing at Master level difficulty in Survival and above, they will appear with no restriction in Endless and at Sabotage from the use of Spells. Chaos Trials have the same restriction as Survival. In Sabotage, the rifts summoned from Spells will spawn Enemies equivalent to one of the additional enemies existing cards.

Unstable Rifts show on the minimap as a yellow attention sign during the first 5 seconds of spawning and then they show as a Red Rift icon for another 25 seconds together with a radial timer. They take 30 seconds to open after they are first announced.

Unstable Rift appearing locations are a preset small amount of location, however, they spawn randomly in any of the preset locations. All maps have 3-10 different appearing locations for Unstable Rifts

Factions[edit | edit source]

Order Faction icon.png

After Maximilian and Gabriella stopped the 2nd invasion they decided to restart the failed Order, but "do right this time, whatever that means." - Maximilian. They recruit and train fellow War Mages to defend the rift fortresses against the waves of Orcs. The War Mages lead the armies of the Order to retake the lands taken by the Unchained.

Unchained Faction icon.png

Led by Bionka and her generals, they seek to capture all the rifts and rift fortresses.

"The Unchained, it turns out, is some sort of collection of folks who feel as though they got the short end of the magical stick. Many have been stuck on dead worlds for ages, some simply are not content with what they have and want more, and others just like making bloody messes; but all of them feel generally that they should be able to use the Rifts and Magic as the will and that somehow the Order (you should hear them speak of us!) is going around sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong, trying to keep Magic out of the hands of the free people, closing Rifts and interrupting people’s ways of life." - Cygnus (Message in a bottle 18)

Elementals Faction icon.png

Elementals crave certain Rift magic, so will be commonly found near Rifts. "Elemental spirits rise when there is strife and turmoil and when magic is misused." They will fight for whichever side benefits them the most.

Frost Clan Faction icon.png
Frost Clan

The Frost Clan is a clan of Orcs that were inadvertently imbued with frost magic by Tundra.

"My, I... seem to have underestimated the strength of my spell. No matter, they will still die by my claws!" - Tundra, Oathkeeper of Arctos

Northmun Faction icon.png

Northmun originate from Deg Itan an icy mountainous region, their clan is led by Chief Beothran. Beothrans highest ranking thrane Hogarth commonly leads the Northmum in fights with the Frost Clan. The Northmum are allies with Arctos, and Arctos Grizzlies join their numbers during fights.

"I have heard much about the Northmun: that they are brutish, stubborn, fearless, and only appreciate humor if it involves bodily functions. But after spending so much time in this icy wilderness, I feel I must respect a culture that can withstand its fury." - Professor Hieronyma.

Fire Fiends Faction icon.png
Fire Fiends

Fire Fiends follow the commands of the Elemental Fire Lords and are willing to die for them.

Pirates Faction icon.png

Pirate Orcs take to seas, they are less interested in rifts and more interested in Booty. But will happily attack rifts when getting paid. The most famous Pirate is Scurvy Rumrudder, who leads his crew to victory.

Wu Xing Dynasty Faction icon.png
Wu Xing Dynasty

Masters of the Five Elements - The Wu Xing Dynasty are enemies of the White Cloud Empire and come from a different world to Yi-Lin.