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Chaos Trials[edit | edit source]

Chaos Trials bring the chaos and dynamic play of Sabotage mode and the problem-solving of Weekly Challenges to Survival gameplay. Available to teams of 1-3 players and custom games, Chaos Trials offer lucrative rewards for conquering a series of increasingly difficult challenges. Though each trial begins simply they increase in complexity and difficulty with every victory. Put yourself to the ultimate orc-slaying test!

Chaos Trials are accessed with Chaos Keys that are occasionally discovered while playing matches in all other game modes, or earned as a Daily Login Reward. Each key has an associated challenge level from Apprentice through Rift Lord, and players only encounter keys of the challenge level that matches their current progression.

Chaos Trials are designed to build upon basic Orcs Must Die! gameplay, skills, and strategy to challenge experienced War Mages. Chaos Trials are also designed to scratch the itch of classic Nightmare mode gameplay by providing extremely difficult content for the most skilled players.

Chaos Keys[edit | edit source]

Chaos Key 1.png
Chaos Key 2.png
Chaos Key 3.png
Chaos Key 4.png
Chaos Key 5.png
Chaos Key 6.png
Chaos Key 7.png
Chaos Key 8.png
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Each Chaos Key begins at tier 1 with a basic set of random modifiers and randomly selected map. This forms the basis of the first tier challenge for this Chaos Key. Successful completion of a tier upgrades the Chaos Key, registers the Score on the leaderboard if it is a player’s highest Score, awards a chest to each participating player, reselects an eligible Map, and adds additional modifiers to those already in play. 

Each tier victory further upgrades the Chaos Key and brings another Chest, another new map, new modifiers, and a higher cumulative Score. Total Score of the Chaos Key is the sum of the Score achieved at each Map, which are calculated just like in the Survival version of them. Maps will not repeat until each eligible Map has been played once.

Chaos Trials also feature a leaderboard to track high Scores, allowing players to compare their performance to other War Mages. Leaderboard Scores for this mode are cumulative for each individual Chaos Key and players can have one top score registered next to the tier achieved of the key.

Each challenge defeat consumes one of the Chaos Key’s 3 lives, but does not change the Map or conditions. No Chest is awarded for defeat, and instead the remaining lives and current score are displayed. The Chaos Trial will end if 3 losses are registered. Each Chaos Trial offers a maximum of 12 unique tiers and will also end if all 12 are all successfully finished.

Chaos Keys can also be bought at Tier 1 in the Store and in the Premium Shoppe for the following prices:

  • Apprentice Chaos Key: 225Currency Gold.png or 1500Currency Gibs.png
  • War Mage Chaos Key: 375Currency Gold.png or 2500Currency Gibs.png
  • Master Chaos Key: 525Currency Gold.png or 4000Currency Gibs.png
  • Rift Lord Chaos Key: 675Currency Gold.png or 5000Currency Gibs.png

Upon buying a Chaos key of any difficulty, it will show the initial map and modifiers and you will be allowed to re-roll up to 2 times the key completely by paying 50% of its cost on the first roll and 75% for the second one.

List of Chaos Trials Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Chaos Trials also offer players a gameplay mode with an endless supply of Chests to continue collecting and upgrading their Loadouts.

Master Chaos Trial chest

Chaos Trials are extremely challenging but also one of the most rewarding game modes in OMD!U. They offer a chest after every victory as well as an increasing number of skulls based on progression through the tiers. 

Chaos Trial Chests[edit | edit source]

These contain skulls and cards for traps, guardians, gear, and trap parts that will increase the power and variety for each orc-gibbing arsenal. Each Chaos Trials difficulty has a unique chest. For example, war mage Chaos Trials provide war mage Chaos Trials Chests. Each higher difficulty adds new cards, grants more of each card, and contains an additional item. Each higher tier adds more skulls to the reward of the chest.

  • Apprentice Chaos Trials chests provide 25*tier Skulls and 2 items. 
  • War Mage Chaos Trials chests provide 50*tier Skulls and 3 items. 
  • Master Chaos Trials chests provide 75*tier Skulls and 4 items. 
  • Rift Lord Chaos Trials chests provide 100*tier Skulls and 5 items.

For example: A Tier 8 Master Chaos Trials Chest provides 75*8 = 600 Currency Skulls.png and 4 items.
Chaos Trials Chests are earned by successfully completing tiers of the Chaos Trial Keys, one for each tier of every key.

Score[edit | edit source]

Visit Chaos Trials Scoring for all the info about scoring in Chaos Trials.