Consumable Chest

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Consumable Chest
Consumable Chest card.png
Obtained in:
Daily Logins
100 Currency Gold.png

Consumable Chest is a Chest in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Consumable Chest image.png

Description[edit source]

Contains six random Sabotage Consumables. At least 2 rare or epic.

Chest Contents[edit source]

Contains four (Daily Logins) or six (Store) random Sabotage Consumables. At least 2 rare or epic.

Chest Contents

Damage Aura Spell icon.png
Ability Disable Spell icon.png
Coin Drain Aura Spell icon.png
Clone Spell icon.png
Coin Disable Spell icon.png
Dance Spell icon.png
Double Trap Costs Spell icon.png
Disable Camera Spell icon.png
Drain Unchained Spell icon.png
Hero Slow Staff icon.png
Long Cooldowns Spell icon.png
Mana Drain Spell icon.png
Minion Damage Boost Spell icon.png
Minion Heal Staff icon.png
Minion Health Boost Spell icon.png
Minion Speed Boost Spell icon.png
Minion Speed Staff icon.png
Minion Stealth Spell icon.png
No Aggro Spell icon.png
No Experience Spell icon.png
Ogre Spudge Spell icon.png
Poison Spell icon.png
Premature Unchaining Spell icon.png
Primary Attack Heals Spell icon.png
Primary Attack Knockback Spell icon.png
Slow Aura Spell icon.png
Stun Enemy Hero Spell icon.png
The Bomb Spell icon.png
Trap Disable Aura Spell icon.png
Trap Disable Staff icon.png
Unstable Rift Spell icon.png
Polymorph Chicken icon.png
Trap Immolation Staff icon.png
Mesmerization Spell icon.png
More Aggro Spell icon.png
Control Immunity Staff icon.png
Minion Control Resist Spell icon.png
Pocket Full of Nades icon.png
Teleportation Staff icon.png
Hide Minimap icon.png
Gaeadin (Consumable) icon.png
Lyzander (Consumable) icon.png
Mercenary for Hire (Consumable) icon.png
Swiftyhooves (Consumable) icon.png
Tubifore (Consumable) icon.png
Bulgod (Consumable) icon.png
Arctos Armored Grizzlies (Consumable) icon.png
Armored Grizzlies (Consumable) icon.png
Cyclops Shamans (Consumable) icon.png
Armored Ogres (Consumable) icon.png
Dwarf Shamans (Consumable) icon.png
Earth Elementals (Consumable) icon.png
Crogon Hatchlings (Consumable) icon.png
Elemental All-Stars (Consumable) icon.png
Fire Elementals (Consumable) icon.png
Fire Fiend All-Stars (Consumable) icon.png
Fire Fiend Warlocks (Consumable) icon.png
Fire Ogres (Consumable) icon.png
Forest Giants (Consumable) icon.png
Frost Ogres (Consumable) icon.png
Gnoll Grenadiers (Consumable) icon.png
Gnoll Hunters (Consumable) icon.png
Gnome Destroyers (Consumable) icon.png
Grizzlies (Consumable) icon.png
Grizzly All-Stars (Consumable) icon.png
Heavy Orcs (Consumable) icon.png
Heavy Soldiers (Consumable) icon.png
Hobgoblin Healers (Consumable) icon.png
Kobold Pups (Consumable) icon.png
Mountain Trolls (Consumable) icon.png
Ogres (Consumable) icon.png
Orc Archers (Consumable) icon.png
Orc TNT Archers (Consumable) icon.png
Order Archers (Consumable) icon.png
Order Giants (Consumable) icon.png
Order Ice All-Stars (Consumable) icon.png
Order Mages (Consumable) icon.png
Pirate All-Stars (Consumable) icon.png
Runner All-Stars (Consumable) icon.png
Satyr Runners (Consumable) icon.png
Shield Grizzlies (Consumable) icon.png
Shield Trolls (Consumable) icon.png
Stilt Orcs (Consumable) icon.png
Troll All-Stars (Consumable) icon.png
Trolls (Consumable) icon.png
Ice Elementals (Consumable) icon.png
Ogre All-Stars (Consumable) icon.png
Armored Giants (Consumable) icon.png
Pride Hunters (Consumable) icon.png
Kobold Runners (Consumable) icon.png
Kamikaze Kobolds (Consumable) icon.png
Frost Clan All-Stars (Consumable) icon.png
Armored Satyrs (Consumable) icon.png
Frost Giants (Consumable) icon.png
Terracotta Giants (Consumable) icon.png
Wu Xing Arcane Mages (Consumable) icon.png