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Base HP:
Primary Attack Type:
Primary Damage Type:
Trap Affinity:
Cost in Store:
1000Currency Gold.png or 6500Currency Skulls.png

Cygnus the Master of the Order is a playable hero in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

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Description[edit source]

Bionka is a tough melee hero that deals heavy damage with her flail. She may be slow, but she dominates her foes.

Character Bio[edit source]

Managing mana is key when playing Cygnus. A full mana pool helps Cygnus survive an enemy assault while Chain Lightning and Voltaic Charge deal copious amounts of lightning damage.

When Cygnus is close to his rift, he regenerates health and mana at an extraordinary rate.

Abilities[edit source]

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Icon Type Name Description Damage Cost Cooldown (s) Notes
Rift Lord Skill icon.png Passive Rift Lord Skill Increases Cygnus's damage dealt when he is fighting near an allied rift. N/A N/A N/A
Voltaic Charge icon.png Primary Voltaic Charge Cygnus fires a slow-moving lightning projectile from his staff. ??? 6 0s
Chain Lightning icon.png Secondary Chain Lightning Cygnus fires a lightning blast that chains from its target to other enemy targets within a short distance. ??? 12 4s
Phylactery Pylon icon.png Unique Phylactery Pylon Cygnus conjures a pylon that increases the damage of traps around it by 15%. 0 50 10s Area 2x2. Duration 15s.
Rift Shard icon.png Epic Rift Shard Rift heals and regenerates mana for its allies. Activates Rift Lord passive when nearby. 0 0 30s 3s cast, interrupted upon taking damage. Duration 15s.

Upgrades[edit source]

Icon Name Description
Tier 1
(Battle Level 2)
Buff, Old Man icon.png Buff, Old Man Increases the Phylactery Pylon's benefits by 10%.
Silver Streak icon.png Silver Streak Reduces the cooldown of Chain Lightning by 1s.
Experienced icon.png Experienced Reduces summoning time of Rift Shard by 75%.
Tier 2
(Battle Level 4)
Paternal Instinct icon.png Paternal Instinct Increases the duration of Rift Shard by 20%.
Mana Miser icon.png Mana Miser Eliminates the mana cost of Voltaic Charge when Rift Lord is active.
Mini-Master icon.png Mini-Master Rift Shard attacks up to 3 targets, dealing lightning damage. Rift Shard cannot heal simultaneously.
Tier 3
(Battle Level 7)
Pylon Patriarch icon.png Pylon Patriarch Causes Phylactery Pylon to activate all damaging traps in its range.
Tough Old Geezer icon.png Tough Old Geezer Adds 50% damage reduction to Rift Lord.
Ornery Oldtimer icon.png Ornery Oldtimer Increases damage to bosses and large minions by 15%.
Tier 4
(Battle Level 10)
Enlightening Education icon.png Enlightening Education Damage from Chain Lightning increases by 10% with each enemy it hits.
Get Off His Lawn icon.png Get Off His Lawn Chain Lightning hits +3 additional targets when Rift Lord is active.
Maniacal Master icon.png Maniacal Master Chain Lightning stuns enemies for 2s.

Vanity[edit source]

Icon Name Description How to Obtain
Cygnus The Master of the Order icon.png Cygnus The Master of the Order Cygnus, the Order's most powerful mage, has a great knowledge of the rifts and elemental magic. Able to call down lightning to strike his foes, he can also aid his allies with pylons and rift shards. By Default
Cygnus Adventurer icon.png Cygnus Adventurer “Move over, whippersnappers. Watch and learn!” - Cygnus, The Master of the Order Store

Cost: 850 Currency Gold.png

Cygnus Road Master icon.png Cygnus Road Master "Sometimes you've just got to feel the sun on your back and the wind through your beard... Could do without the bugs in my teeth, however..." - Cygnus, The Master of the Order Grand Vanity Chest
Cygnus Epic Heroic Dye icon.png Cygnus Epic Heroic Dye Second Dye that can be applied to all Skins of the hero. Grand Vanity Chest

Cost: 750 Currency Gold.png

Cygnus Legendary Heroic Dye icon.png Cygnus Legendary Heroic Dye Third Dye that can be applied to all Skins of the hero. Classic Vanity Chest

Cost: 750 Currency Gold.png

Hero Related Achievements[edit source]

Name Icon Description

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