Debilitation Resonator

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Debilitation Resonator
Debilitation Resonator card.png
Unlocked at:
Maximum Quantity:
Part Slot: Resonator
Resonator icon.png

Debilitation Resonator is a Trap Part in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Debilitation Resonator image.png

Description[edit source]

Reduces the physical armor of enemies damaged by the trap by -50 for 2s. Debuff does not stack with other Debilitation Resonators.

"The flesh is weak... But the spirit is strong!" - Oziel, the Soul Thief

Traps with Resonator slots[edit source]

Traps with Resonator slot
Arcane Bowling Ball wood icon.png
Arcane Bowling Ball bronze icon.png
Arcane Bowling Ball silver icon.png
Arcane Bowling Ball gold icon.png
Arcane Phaser wood icon.png
Arcane Phaser bronze icon.png
Arcane Phaser silver icon.png
Arcane Phaser gold icon.png
Arrow Wall wood icon.png
Arrow Wall bronze icon.png
Arrow Wall silver icon.png
Arrow Wall gold icon.png
Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall wood icon.png
Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall bronze icon.png
Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall silver icon.png
Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall gold icon.png
Big Game Hunting Ballista wood icon.png
Big Game Hunting Ballista bronze icon.png
Big Game Hunting Ballista silver icon.png
Big Game Hunting Ballista gold icon.png
Big Game Hunting Zapper wood icon.png
Big Game Hunting Zapper bronze icon.png
Big Game Hunting Zapper silver icon.png
Big Game Hunting Zapper gold icon.png
Boom Barrel wood icon.png
Boom Barrel bronze icon.png
Boom Barrel silver icon.png
Boom Barrel gold icon.png
Boulder Chute wood icon.png
Boulder Chute bronze icon.png
Boulder Chute silver icon.png
Boulder Chute gold icon.png
Brimstone wood icon.png
Brimstone bronze icon.png
Brimstone silver icon.png
Brimstone gold icon.png
Ceiling Ballista wood icon.png
Ceiling Ballista bronze icon.png
Ceiling Ballista silver icon.png
Ceiling Ballista gold icon.png
Cursed Ground wood icon.png
Cursed Ground bronze icon.png
Cursed Ground silver icon.png
Cursed Ground gold icon.png
Dragon's Lance wood icon.png
Dragon's Lance bronze icon.png
Dragon's Lance silver icon.png
Dragon's Lance gold icon.png
Fire Cracker wood icon.png
Fire Cracker bronze icon.png
Fire Cracker silver icon.png
Fire Cracker gold icon.png
Floor Scorcher wood icon.png
Floor Scorcher bronze icon.png
Floor Scorcher silver icon.png
Floor Scorcher gold icon.png
Floor Spikes wood icon.png
Floor Spikes bronze icon.png
Floor Spikes silver icon.png
Floor Spikes gold icon.png
Grinder wood icon.png
Grinder bronze icon.png
Grinder silver icon.png
Grinder gold icon.png
Ice Shard wood icon.png
Ice Shard bronze icon.png
Ice Shard silver icon.png
Ice Shard gold icon.png
Ice Vent wood icon.png
Ice Vent bronze icon.png
Ice Vent silver icon.png
Ice Vent gold icon.png
Icicle Impaler wood icon.png
Icicle Impaler bronze icon.png
Icicle Impaler silver icon.png
Icicle Impaler gold icon.png
Overload Trap wood icon.png
Overload Trap bronze icon.png
Overload Trap silver icon.png
Overload Trap gold icon.png
Pounder wood icon.png
Pounder bronze icon.png
Pounder silver icon.png
Pounder gold icon.png
Quarter Pounder wood icon.png
Quarter Pounder bronze icon.png
Quarter Pounder silver icon.png
Quarter Pounder gold icon.png
Saw Of Arctos wood icon.png
Saw Of Arctos bronze icon.png
Saw Of Arctos silver icon.png
Saw Of Arctos gold icon.png
Shock Zapper wood icon.png
Shock Zapper bronze icon.png
Shock Zapper silver icon.png
Shock Zapper gold icon.png
Spitfire Wall wood icon.png
Spitfire Wall bronze icon.png
Spitfire Wall silver icon.png
Spitfire Wall gold icon.png
Swinging Mace wood icon.png
Swinging Mace bronze icon.png
Swinging Mace silver icon.png
Swinging Mace gold icon.png
Wall Blades wood icon.png
Wall Blades bronze icon.png
Wall Blades silver icon.png
Wall Blades gold icon.png
Wall Charger wood icon.png
Wall Charger bronze icon.png
Wall Charger silver icon.png
Wall Charger gold icon.png

Preview[edit source]