Fire Ogre

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Fire Ogre
Fire Ogre card.png
Base HP:
Base DPS:
Coin reward:
Faction: Unchained
Unchained Faction icon.png
Rift Points
3 Rift Point icon.png

Fire Ogre is a Minion in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Fire Ogre image.png

Description[edit source]

Blessed by the fire lords, fire ogres deal fire damage, slow their enemies, and ignore physics traps, but are susceptible to frost damage.

Fire ogres can't cook. They burn EVERYTHING.

Stats[edit source]

Stunning Stunning icon.png Attacks heavily slow enemies.
Large Large icon.png Unaffected by physics traps
Immolating Immolating icon.png Damages nearby barricades.
Flame Retardant Flame Retardant icon.png +50% fire damage resistance.

Appearence in Battlegrounds[edit source]

Battleground Preview Minions lvl Waves Par Time Mode
Banquet Hall (Endless) Banquet Hall (Endless) preview.png Endless
The Baths (Endless) The Baths (Endless) preview.png Endless
Shark Island (Endless) Shark Island (Endless) preview.png Endless
Thuricvod Village (Endless) Thuricvod Village (Endless) preview.png Endless
Castle Gates (Endless) Castle Gates (Endless) preview.png Endless
Crogon Keep (Endless) Crogon Keep (Endless) preview.png Endless
Eventide Fortress (Endless) Eventide Fortress (Endless) preview.png Endless
The Wall (Endless) The Wall (Endless) preview.png Endless
Avalanche (Endless) Avalanche (Endless) preview.png Endless
Water Garden (Master) Water Garden (Master) preview.png 33 10 12:15 Survival
Midnight Market (Rift Lord) Midnight Market (Rift Lord) preview.png 53 12 12:00 Survival
Gates of Thuricvod (Rift Lord) Gates of Thuricvod (Rift Lord) preview.png 62 12 13:15 Survival
Temple Graveyard (Rift Lord) Temple Graveyard (Rift Lord) preview.png 63 12 14:00 Survival
Highlands (Rift Lord) Highlands (Rift Lord) preview.png 65 14 19:45 Survival
Crogon Keep (Rift Lord) Crogon Keep (Rift Lord) preview.png 70 14 22:45 Survival
Eventide Fortress (Rift Lord) Eventide Fortress (Rift Lord) preview.png 75 14 20:15 Survival