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Gabriella card.png
Primary Attack Type:
Primary Damage Type:
Trap Affinity:
+25 HP for Summoner Trap
Cost in Store:

Gabriella the Redeemed Sorceress is a playable Hero in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Gabriella image.png

Description[edit source]

Gabriella deals ranged arcane damage and can escape quickly using Blink. She can also control minions and traps.

Character Bio[edit source]

A talented sorceress, Gabriella is adept with arcane magic. Able to bend the will of both traps and enemies, she can turn the tide of battle quickly, overwhelming her foes.

Abilities[edit source]

Icon Type Name Description Damage Cost Cooldown (s) Notes
Limitless Magic icon.png Passive Limitless Magic Increases Gabriella's Unchained duration by 50%. N/A N/A N/A
Thorn of Arcana icon.png Primary Thorn of Arcana Fires rapid bolts of arcane magic. ??? 0 0s
Kinetic Pulse icon.png Secondary Kinetic Pulse Fires a blast of kinetic energy that deals damage to and knocks back enemies while instantly activating all traps in a cone in front of her. ??? 65 16s Range: 4. Fully recharges charge traps.
Blink icon.png Third Blink Gabriella teleports in the direction she is moving, removing control effects on her. Heals Gabriella for 40% of her health. 0 50 10s Range: 5.
Devious Allure icon.png Fourth Devious Allure Stops nearby enemies, putting them in a trance. Taking damage snaps them out of it, applying a slow instead. 0 50 12s Duration: 3s. Slow Duration 3s.

Upgrades[edit source]

Icon Name Description
Tier 1
(Battle Level 2)
Scared Stiff icon.png Scared Stiff Blink immobilizes nearby enemies on activation.
Concussive Strike icon.png Concussive Strike Kinetic Pulse stuns heavy minions for 2s.
Wand Polish icon.png Wand Polish Increases Thorn of Arcana's attack speed by 15%.
Tier 2
(Battle Level 4)
Old Habits icon.png Old Habits Increases the duration of Devious Allure by 2s.
Loving Glow icon.png Loving Glow Mesmerized enemies heal nearby heroes for 9% of their max health.
Power from Control icon.png Power from Control Increases Gabriella's damage 3% for each minion mesmerized (max 30%).
Tier 3
(Battle Level 7)
Power Word icon.png Power Word Increases damage dealt by Kinetic Pulse by 100%.
Mana Drain (Hero Upgrade) icon.png Mana Drain (Hero Upgrade) Regenerates +2 mana for each enemy hit with Thorn of Arcana.
Extra Commandments icon.png Extra Commandments Reduces the cooldown of Kinetic Pulse by 3s.
Tier 4
(Battle Level 10)
Slippery Witch icon.png Slippery Witch Grants +1 Blink without mana cost if activated within 3s of its 1st use.
Enthralled icon.png Enthralled Reduces the duration of Devious Allure by 30%, but effect persists through damage.
Retaliate icon.png Retaliate Minions that touch Gabriella are knocked into the air and giblitized (20s cooldown).

Vanity[edit source]

Detailed View
Vanity Preview Description Obtained In Cost
Gabriella Archmage of the Order Gabriella Archmage of the Order card.png "All this power... I must use it wisely!" - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Starter Hero Vanity Chest N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella Blood Queen Gabriella Blood Queen card.png “I'm your mistress no longer. Now, I'm your queen!” - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Grand Vanity Chest N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella Dragon Charmer Gabriella Dragon Charmer card.png “I had the option of using real dragon scales, but why bother when we could use solid gold?” - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Premium Shoppe 7500 Currency Gibs.png [[]] 100px
Gabriella Enchanted Armor Gabriella Enchanted Armor card.png "This armor exudes power and strength... I like that.” - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Founder Pack (Alpha phase) N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella Evil Ways Gabriella Evil Ways card.png "Riftmaker knows I've got to change... baby." - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Classic Vanity Chest N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella Frightfully Delightful Gabriella Frightfully Delightful card.png “Hm, so it's a jump to the left... And THEN a step to the right?” - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Tough Guy Vanity Chest
N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella I Dream of Gabby Gabriella I Dream of Gabby card.png "Of course I'll grant your wish...for a price." - Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress Costume Trunk N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella Life in Plastic Gabriella Life in Plastic card.png "Rift-injection molding is great. I literally cannot stop smiling." - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Promotion of Boardgame Kickstarter N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella Miracle Worker Gabriella Miracle Worker card.png "I cannot promise a miracle, but I will do what I can." - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Promotion of Charity 24h Stream N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella Mistress of Illusion Gabriella Mistress of Illusion card.png "And for my next trick, I will make Maximilian disappear--permanently!" - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Masquerade Vanity Chest N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella Promising Prodigy Gabriella Promising Prodigy card.png "It's my first day as an apprentice, and I feel like I could take over A WHOLE WORLD!" - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Store 1250 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px
Gabriella Skull Ninja Gabriella Skull Ninja card.png "Has anyone noticed that you never see the Skull Ninja and Gabriella at the same time? Hmm." - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Classic Vanity Chest N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella The Redeemed Sorceress Gabriella The Redeemed Sorceress card.png A talented sorceress, Gabriella is adept with arcane magic. Able to bend the will of both traps and enemies, she can turn the tide of battle quickly, overwhelming her foes. By Default N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella Violet Vintage Gabriella Violet Vintage card.png "Everything improves with age--especially me." - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Starter Hero Vanity Chest N/A [[]] 100px
Gabriella Winter Witch Gabriella Winter Witch card.png "'Tis the season for a little magic!" - Gabriella, The Redeemed Sorceress Winter Vanity Chest N/A [[]] 100px
[[]] 100px Gabriella Legendary Heroic Dye Gabriella Legendary Heroic Dye icon.png Third Dye that can be applied to all Skins of the hero. Starter Hero Vanity Chest 500 Currency Gold.png
[[]] 100px Gabriella Epic Heroic Dye Gabriella Epic Heroic Dye icon.png Second Dye that can be applied to all Skins of the hero. Grand Vanity Chest 750 Currency Gold.png

Hero Related Achievements[edit source]

Name Icon Description
Adoring Fans icon.png Adoring Fans Mesmerize 50 enemies with a single Devious Allure from Gabriella.
In a Blink icon.png In a Blink Use Gabriella's Blink 500x in battle.
Kill-netic icon.png Kill-netic Kill 30 enemies within 1s of using Gabriella's Kinetic Pulse.
Reset Button icon.png Reset Button Reset 5,000 traps during battle as Gabriella.

Quotes[edit source]

Kobold Runner "Despite my studies, I've never learned the dimension the kobolds came from. I kind of want to know so I can avoid it." - Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress
Kobold Pup "Pigeons are rats with wings, but these are... just rats. Really fast ones at that. No, thank you." - Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress
Speed Pad "Max, are you… are you making race car noises with your mouth?" - Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress
Overload Trap "I told the orcs if you shout 'ZERO-ZERO-ZERO-ABORT-ZERO!' at an Overload Trap, it will stop overloading. It's not true. There's no abort code. But it's fun to watch them try." - Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress
Summoner Trap "Come, servant. I've summoned you to kill orcs… But first, some tea, please? No sugar. There's a good lad." - Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress
Spike Wall "That… could have been VERY bad for my complexion." - Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress
Rental Parts "Professor Stipends are so LOW these days. I had to do SOMEthing." - Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress
Self-Improving Coil "Sadly, I know a few people who could use some 'self-improvement,' coils." - Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress
Discount Coil "Oo! I LOVE a good sale!" - Gabriella, the Redeemed Sorceress

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