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Gear is one of the types of Abilities in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

List of Gear[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Mana Cost Description
Arcane Bubble Blower ArcaneBubbleBlower.png 50 Creates a bomb that explodes after a time,dealing arcane damage in that area.

Its targets are susceptible to arcane damage

Fire Wall Bracers Fire Wall Bracers.jpg 60 Creates a wall of fire igniting enemies who walk through it
Flame Bracers Flame Bracers.jpg 35 Launches a fireball that deals significant damage over time to the first target hit.
Gnome Repair kit GnomeRepairKit.png 25 Activates a targeted trap-even if it is on cool down.
Greater Freedom Trinket Greater Freedom Trinket.jpg 20 Negates crowd control effects for a short time after use.
Ice Amulet Ice Amulet.jpg 10 Fires Three projectiles at once.Frost damage applies chilled to enemies,which can

cause them to become frozen

Mages Clover MagesClover.png 0 Grants a short period of increased mana regeneration.

Effect is canceled upon taking damage.

Mages Picnic Mages Picnic Trinket.jpg 0 Creates a magical object on the ground that regenerates mana to

all friendly heroes within range.

Ring Of Last Stand RingOfLastStand.png 25 When activated, the hero is immune to all damage for a short time,

then suffers a debuff that reduces all armor types.

Ring of Storms Ring of Storms.jpg 75 Creates a storm that deals lightning damage to enemies in range.

Enemies killed by lightning explode, dealing damage in an area around them.

Teleportation Ring Teleportation Ring.jpg 0 Teleports the player instantly back to his home rift.

It cannot be used while in combat.

Vegetable of Mending VegetableOfMending.png 10 Using the Vegetable summons a short duration heal effect on the user.

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