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Guardians are defenders that can be placed on Guardian Spots. Each guardian has a preferred home location, receiving benefits if they are defending at home. You will receive the Lion Guardian by default, and other guardians can be received from chests. Each hero can bring 2 guardians with them into a map. Once placed, the guardian is taken from you for the remainder of the match. Guardians have limited health, and can die while defending their point. Once unlocked, a guardian will never need to be unlocked again.

Guardian Functions[edit | edit source]

  • Melee and ranged attacks
  • Strong, AoE melee attack after being in combat with no break for a short duration
  • An aura unique to the guardian
  • Will walk a small distance away from their Guardian Spot if necessary
  • Will attract minion aggro
  • Guardians have limited health that does not regenerate and cannot be healed

Guardian Properties[edit | edit source]

  • Guardian Spots are pre-placed on maps and cannot be moved
  • Guardian Spots have a type, which is shown on the pregame map.
  • Cannot be removed after being placed, except by their death.
  • Once summoned, they are removed from the players inventory for the remainder of the game and cannot be summoned elsewhere
  • Once killed, they do not respawn or reappear in the hero's inventory for the remainder of the match
  • A maximum of two Guardians may be equipped to the inventory at once
  • All Guardians have a preferred location
  • Guardians gain an extra buff at their preferred location. Currently the buff is the same for all guardians, and is +35% to health and damage
Default Location Default Location icon.png
Icon Name Chest Tier
Dragon Guardian image.png Dragon Master
Lion Guardian image.png Lion N/A
Moon Guardian image.png Moon Apprentice
Serpent Guardian image.png Serpent Promotional
Sun Guardian image.png Sun War Mage
Jail Jail icon.png
Icon Name Chest Tier
Jailer Guardian image.png Jailer War Mage
Barracks Barracks icon.png
Icon Name Chest Tier
Headhunter Guardian image.png Headhunter War Mage
Quartermaster Guardian image.png Quartermaster War Mage
Docks Docks icon.png
Icon Name Chest Tier
Deckhand Guardian image.png Deckhand War Mage
Rumrudder Guardian image.png Rumrudder War Mage
Forge Forge icon.png
Icon Name Chest Tier
Blacksmith Guardian image.png Blacksmith Apprentice
Weaponwright Guardian image.png Weaponwright Rift Lord
Kitchen Kitchen icon.png
Icon Name Chest Tier
Bartender Guardian image.png Bartender Master
Cook Guardian image.png Cook Apprentice
Stables Stables icon.png
Icon Name Chest Tier
Ranch Hand Guardian image.png Ranch Hand Master
Stablehand Guardian image.png Stablehand Rift Lord
Temple Temple icon.png
Icon Name Chest Tier
Priest Guardian image.png Priest War Mage
Friar Guardian image.png Friar Apprentice