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Guardians are special rift defenders that can be summoned into battle at key strategic locations in each battleground.. Each guardian has a preferred home location, receiving +35% Health and Damage as benefits if they are summoned at home. Guardians Stats scale with account level.

You will receive the Lion Guardian by default and the Blacksmith Guardian as a secured drop from one of the first chests opened, the rest of guardians can be received from chests. Each player can bring 2 guardians with them into a battleground. Once placed, the guardian is taken from you for the remainder of the match. Guardians have limited health, can't be healed and can die while defending their point. Once unlocked, a guardian will never need to be unlocked again.

The Consumable Guardian Potion allows the players to summon a third guardian.
Serpent Guardian In-Game

Guardian Functions[edit | edit source]

  • Melee and ranged attacks.
  • Strong, AoE melee attack after being in combat and surrounded by minions every 14 seconds.
  • An aura unique to the guardian.
  • Will walk a small distance away from their Guardian Spot if necessary.
  • Will attract minion aggro.
  • Guardians have limited health which does not regenerate and cannot be healed.
  • Guardians are immune to crowd-control effects.

Guardian Properties[edit | edit source]

  • Guardian Spots are pre-placed on maps and cannot be moved.
  • Guardian Spots have a type, which is shown on the pregame map.
  • Cannot be removed after being placed, except by their death.
  • Once summoned, they are removed from the players inventory for the remainder of the game and cannot be summoned elsewhere.
  • Once killed, they do not respawn or reappear in the hero's inventory during the match.
  • A maximum of two Guardians may be equipped to the inventory at once.
  • All Guardians have a preferred location that make them gain an extra 35% health and damage when summoned at their home.

List of Guardians[edit | edit source]