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List of Mercenaries[edit | edit source]

Detailed View
Minion Preview Faction Description Target
Bouncing Bear Bouncing Bear image.png Order Bouncing Bear is a Mercenary that defends the minions, he escorts the minions to the rift attacking enemy heroes that are in the way. He charges against nearby Heroes knocking them back on hit and dealing damage to barricades in the way of his charge. If he reaches the Rift or there are no minions left, he will charge all the way back to the Minion Portal. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades. Rift
Chaotic Kobold Chaotic Kobold image.png Unchained Chaotic Kobold is a Mercenary that runs around the map ignoring heroes and disabling traps, they are very fast Mercenaries that run around the map creating energy crystals that disable nearby traps. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades. Traps
Dwarf Priest Dwarf Priest image.png Order Dwarf Priest is a Mercenary that escorts minions, he can create a bubble shield around him that prevents minions inside from taking damage coming from outside the shield. He also has a very powerful spell that heals nearby minions over time, a long and powerful regeneration buff. He retreats to the Minion Portal when he reaches the rift or no minions are remaining Mercenaries can leap over Barricades. Rift
Gnoll Breeder Gnoll Breeder image.png Unchained Gnoll Breeder is a Mercenary that hunts Heroes, he throws cages near enemy heroes that spawn 4 Teacup Gnolls which hunt heroes down by their high damage and slow debuff on hit. The mercenary is unable to directly attack. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades. Heroes
Human iMage Human iMage image.png Order Human iMages are masters of disguise who create iMages of themselves to confuse and hunt down heroes. The iMages use magic of all 4 elements to attack the Heroes, each of the clones uses a different type of magic. If the heroes take down a fake iMage, the iMage will respawn. But if heroes are able to kill the real Mage, all the iMages will fall with him. It spawns as many clones as players are in the match. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades. Heroes
Pride Assassin Pride Assassin image.png Order Pride Assassin is a Mercenary that hunts Heroes. These highly-trained, stealth assassins hunt random heroes. They use stealth to get close to their prey, attack, and then stealth again to retreat and heal. They can heal up to 50% when entering stealth. Chased Hero will see a mark in their screen. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades. Heroes
Teacup Gnoll Teacup Gnoll image.png Unchained Teacup Gnoll is a Mercenary that hunts Heroes, teacup gnolls are used as weapons by Gnoll Breeders, they only spawn when a Breeder encounters enemy heroes and release them. Teacup Gnolls have high damage attacks but low health, they also heavily slow enemies on hit. They are temporal minions and disappear after some seconds. Mercenaries can leap over Barricades. Heroes