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Midnight card.png
Base HP:
Primary Attack Type:
Primary Damage Type:
Trap Affinity:
15% discount on Trip Wire
Cost in Store:
1250Currency Gold.png or 9000Currency Skulls.png

Midnight the Twilight's Razor is a playable Hero in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Midnight image.png

Description[edit source]

Midnight is a high-damage hero adept at avoiding detection. She lies in wait for her enemies, then attacks them with a burst of melee damage.

Character Bio[edit source]

A trained ninja and a follower of the Path of Nine Lives, Midnight stalks her prey, waiting for the right moment to pounce. Attacking from the shadows, she shreds her enemies then slips quietly away.

Lore[edit source]

Abilities[edit source]

Icon Type Name Description Damage Cost Cooldown (s) Notes
Sucker Punch icon.png Passive Sucker Punch Midnight deals 50% more damage to stunned targets. N/A N/A N/A
Shadow Swipe icon.png Primary Shadow Swipe Midnight slashes with her dagger, dealing damage. Attack deals extra damage to immobilized, or stunned enemies. ??? 0 0
Vital Strike icon.png Secondary Vital Strike Midnight executes an acrobatic melee attack that deals heavy damage to its target and deals damage over time. ??? 0 4s
Dash and Slash icon.png Third Dash and Slash Midnight dashes forward, slashing every enemy she passes through. ??? 0 10s
Prowl icon.png Fourth Prowl Midnight slips into the shadows, dropping all aggro and moving at increased speed. If she attacks, she reappears and her attack stuns its target. 0 15 + 3/s 3s The attacks that make her reappear deal 50% more damage.

Upgrades[edit source]

Icon Name Description
Tier 1
(Battle Level 2)
Prolonged Prowl icon.png Prolonged Prowl Removes the activation mana cost of Prowl.
Hardened Killer icon.png Hardened Killer Increases health regeneration by 1.5% of max health per second.
Feeling Frisky icon.png Feeling Frisky Reduces respawn time to 1.5s.
Tier 2
(Battle Level 4)
Nimble as the Night icon.png Nimble as the Night Increases movement speed by 66% during Prowl.
Sa-meow-rai Armor icon.png Sa-meow-rai Armor Increases Midnight's Physical Armor by +25. (Reduces damage by 20%)
Catpurse icon.png Catpurse Grants up to 4 coin per second from attacks on minions.
Tier 3
(Battle Level 7)
Poison Paw icon.png Poison Paw Slows enemies by 50% and damages them on contact during Prowl. Damage scales with level.
Slash-N-Dash icon.png Slash-N-Dash Increases the damage of Dash and Slash by 50%.
Feline Fugitive icon.png Feline Fugitive Reduces control effects on Midnight by 35% and increases Midnight's control effects by 25%.
Tier 4
(Battle Level 10)
Thrill of the Kill icon.png Thrill of the Kill Killing a minion restores 5% max health.
Sharing the Shadow icon.png Sharing the Shadow Activating Prowl causes neaby allies to also enter Prowl for 5s.
Kitty Overkill icon.png Kitty Overkill Explodes enemies killed by Vital Strike, knocking them back in a radius. Explosion scales with enemy size.

Vanity[edit source]

Detailed View
Vanity Preview Description Obtained In Cost
[[]] 100px Midnight Epic Heroic Dye Midnight Epic Heroic Dye icon.png Second Dye that can be applied to all Skins of the hero. Grand Vanity Chest 750 Currency Gold.png
[[]] 100px Midnight Legendary Heroic Dye Midnight Legendary Heroic Dye icon.png Third Dye that can be applied to all Skins of the hero. Costume Trunk 750 Currency Gold.png
Midnight Shiver Me Whiskers Midnight Shiver Me Whiskers card.png "Coin, fish, swordplay--piracy would be purrfect if it wasn't for the whole sailing-on-water thing." - Midnight, Twilight's Razor Grand Vanity Chest 750 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px
Midnight Twilight's Razor Midnight Twilight's Razor card.png A trained ninja and a follower of the Path of Nine Lives, Midnight stalks her prey, waiting for the right moment to pounce. Attacking from the shadows, she shreds her enemies then slips quietly away. By Default N/A [[]] 100px
Midnight Hidden Tiger Midnight Hidden Tiger card.png “I must channel the aspect of the tiger!” - Midnight, Twilight's Razor Store 1250 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px
Midnight Cat Burglar Midnight Cat Burglar card.png "Purrrloining your coin...and tuna, if you have it." - Midnight, Twilight's Razor Costume Trunk 750 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px
Midnight Wu Xing Azure Assassin Midnight Wu Xing Azure Assassin card.png "I may not be of Hua Mewlan's lineage, but I honor her as an ancestor of my martial art." -Midnight, Twilight's Razor Imperial Chest 750 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px

Hero Related Achievements[edit source]

Name Icon Description
Distance Dash icon.png Distance Dash Run 26.2 miles with Midnight's Dash and Slash during battle.
Kobolds on Strike icon.png Kobolds on Strike Kill 100 Kobold Runners with Midnight's Vital Strike.
Out of Sight icon.png Out of Sight Stay in Prowl during battle for a total of 30min as Midnight.
What Hit Them icon.png What Hit Them Kill 500 stunned enemies as Midnight.

Quotes[edit source]

Flip Trap "They fly like birds… But then they fall right into my paws. Purrrfect." - Midnight, Twilight's Razor
Pride Hunter "Pride hunters have no pride. They do not follow the Path of Nine Lives!" - Midnight, Twilight's Razor
Ambush Trigger "You must always wait for the purrrfect time to pounce." - Midnight, Twilight's Razor
Bounty Generator "All those bounties. All for me... ow." - Midnight, Twilight's Razor
Kinetic Reclaimer "It's impolite to play with your food--but it's SO fun." - Midnight, Twilight's Razor

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