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MINION ABILITIES[edit | edit source]

Barricade Bash,Destroys wall and barricade traps.
Big Game Hunting,Hunts down heroes.
Blocking,Blocks frontal assaults.
Control Effect Immune,Immune to stunning and slowing effects.
Control Effect Resistant,-50% duration to stunning and slowing effects.
Enraged,Doubles movement and attack speed when below 35% health.
Fast,Quick and not easily distracted.
Flame Retardant,+50% fire damage resistance.
Freezing,Immobilizes enemies with frost magic.
Frost Resistance,Protected against frost damage.
Grenadier,Throws bombs at enemies.
Healing,Heals nearby minions.
High Bounty,Drops extra coin and minion portal XP when killed.
High Damage,Deals high damage.
Homing,Fires enemy-seeking projectiles.
Immolating,Damages nearby barricades.
Large,Unaffected by physics traps.
Leaping,Jumps over barricade and wall traps.
Lifesteal,Casts a lifestealing spell on nearby enemies.
Maiming,Attacks cast Slow on enemies.
Overstepping,Avoids damage from floor traps.
Phasing,Gains 2s shield on hit. 20s cooldown.
Player Healing,Heals nearby allied heroes.
Poison,Deals damage over time.
Protective,Casts a shield on nearby allied minions.
Ranged,Attacks at range.
Regenerating,+2% health per second out of combat.
Replication,Divides into smaller units upon death.
Resurrecting,Periodically resurrects nearby fallen minions.
Shockwave,Concussive waves disable nearby traps and throw heroes.
Slow,Moves more slowly than other minions.
Steady,Resists damage at low health.
Stunning,Attacks heavily slow enemies.
Swarming,Waves spawn in large numbers.
Trap Resistant,Resists most damage from traps.
Unstoppable,Immune to stunning and slowing effects.
Vindictive,Regains 25% health when a nearby ally dies.

MINIONS[edit | edit source]