Parts Chest

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Parts Chest
Parts Chest card.png
Obtained in:
Premium Shoppe
4000 Currency Gibs.png

Parts Chest is a Chest in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Parts Chest image.png

Description[edit source]

Contains 2 rewards, plus 1000 Currency Skulls.png skulls. Both rewards are unique and rare or better!

Chest Contents[edit source]

Contains 1000 Currency Skulls.png and two reward draw of Trap Parts.

Chest Contents

Ambush Trigger icon.png

Crowd Control Trigger icon.png

Execution Trigger icon.png

Heat Activated Trigger icon.png

Kinetic Reclaimer icon.png

Light Pressure Plate icon.png

Heavy Pressure Plate icon.png

Combo Generator icon.png

Fire Resonator icon.png

Debilitation Resonator icon.png

Ice Resonator icon.png

Kinetic Resonator icon.png

Unchained Resonator icon.png

Controlled Resonator icon.png

Rental Parts icon.png

Stamped Parts icon.png

Subsidized Parts icon.png

Vanity Plating icon.png

Bounty Generator icon.png

Health Siphon icon.png

Mana Siphon icon.png

XP Siphon icon.png

Double Tank Accumulator icon.png

Stunning Accumulator icon.png

Reflective Armor icon.png

Revenge Rune icon.png

Reusable Shielding icon.png

Capacitance Attuner icon.png

Deep Cell Attuner icon.png

Braided Coil icon.png

Discount Coil icon.png

Self-Improving Coil icon.png

Double Struts icon.png

Hero Runed Frame icon.png

Charging Spring icon.png

Double Spring icon.png

Short Spring icon.png