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Sabotage[edit | edit source]

This mode introduces a new, head-to-head way to play OMD!U. In Sabotage, two teams battle on separate versions of the same map, competing to see who can finish their waves with the most Rift Points still intact. However, both teams can meddle in the other's ability to defend their rift by selecting Potions, Scrolls, and Spells that can interrupt, distract, and disrupt the other team's strategy. Also by selecting what additional Enemies are spawned in the enemies' Battleground. Whoever has the most Rift Points left when all waves are completed wins!

Also, beginning with this mode is an exciting new ranking system. Players can compete to become silver, gold, platinum, and finally diamond ranked. Win Sabotage games to become one of the honored few to reach diamond rank! Players can also work together to be one of the few guilds at the top of the ranked guild ladder.

Playable in any party size through matchmaking or custom games. Custom Sabotage games don't provide rewards or quest progress, consumables aren't taken away from the inventory and ranks are unchanged.

The Mode counts with a Tactical Screen where you can see the map of the other team and is used to cast certain spells.

Battleground difficulty is selected by calculating the average of all the players in the match. Apprentice and War Mage difficulties are only 6 waves while Master and Rift Lord are 8 waves. Minion lvl is calculated by the average level of each team. Each team will have the incoming enemies lvl set to their average Account Level.


Consumables[edit | edit source]

Before the start of very wave (first wave included) you pick Consumables. They are randomly pooled from your Workshop inventory. Everyone has a basic set of Infinite Consumables to draw from. Potions and Scrolls purchased with Skulls are also included in the pool.

Consumables are divided in Enemies to send to the enemy team (Minions and Bosses) and others like: Spells, Potions and Scrolls. Each wave you are presented with 3 of each category and you can pick one of each. You can also reroll one of the options of each category by paying 500 Currency Coins.png. Bosses consumables cost 1000 Currency Coins.png to choose and Mercenary Spell 750Currency Coins.png.

Additional Enemies summoned have higher Health and Damage than regular enemies but they give no coins or experience when killed. They spawn from any door that is or has been open. So once a door is opened the first time, it's free to spawn summoned Minions. Players don't choose which door they come from.


Infinite version of some consumables can be acquired by completing Achievements. Enemies infinite version of the consumables have the only difference of a different visual model (vanity), no stats difference. And a few also from the Store.

Obtaining Sabotage Consumables[edit | edit source]

Sabotage specific consumables can be obtained from:

  • Consumable Chest: Contains four drops (Daily Logins) or six drops (Store) random Sabotage Consumables. At least 2 rare or epic.
  • Win Sabotage Match: Up to 6 drops of random Sabotage Consumables.
  • Lose Sabotage Match: Up to 3 drops of random Sabotage Consumables.

List of Consumables[edit | edit source]

Sudden Death[edit | edit source]

If both teams have the same amount of Rift Points left at the end of the last wave, the match will enter in Sudden Death Mode.

After the last wave is completed, Rift Points will be set to 1 for both teams, Heroes health will be halved and there will be a break where players can pick Consumables and Enemies to send in this last wave called Sudden Death. This will be the last opportunity to pick Consumables and Enemies.

Once all players press the ready button or the timer ends, an endless wave (Sudden Death) will start. Enemies will keep spawning until one of the teams loses their Rift Point, the Enemies will gain health, damage and control resistance every few seconds, making it increasingly harder to defend. First team to lose their remaining Rift Point loses.

Ranking[edit | edit source]


To first obtain a rank, you will have to play 5 positioning Sabotage matches.

Player rank system in this mode has 5 divisions with 5 subdivisions each: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Going from Bronze V (lowest) to Diamond 1 (highest). The mode uses a rating system similar to many games, based in Elo/MMR (Match-Making Rating).

Guild Ranking is simply the average rank of the sabotage ranks from all guild members (only the ones that actually have a rank) with the only requisite of having atleast 2 ranked members to be calculated.