Starter Hero Vanity Chest

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Starter Hero Vanity Chest
Starter Hero Vanity Chest card.png
Obtained in:
500 Currency Gold.png

Starter Hero Vanity Chest is a Chest in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Starter Hero Vanity Chest image.png

Description[edit source]

Contains Limited Edition Masquerade Skins for Gabriella, Maximilian and Blackpaw. One awesome reward per chest.

Chest Contents[edit source]

Contains one reward draw of Starter Hero skins.

Chest Contents

Blackpaw Pride of the Pack icon.png

Blackpaw Runeclaw icon.png

Gabriella Archmage of the Order icon.png

Gabriella Violet Vintage icon.png

Maximilian Champion of the Order icon.png

Maximilian Knight's Watch icon.png

Blackpaw Legendary Heroic Dye icon.png

Gabriella Legendary Heroic Dye icon.png

Maximilian Legendary Heroic Dye icon.png