Subsidized Parts

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Subsidized Parts
Subsidized Parts card.png
Unlocked at:
War Mage
Maximum Quantity:
Part Slot: Components
Components icon.png

Subsidized Parts is a Trap Part in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Subsidized Parts image.png

Description[edit source]

Reduces the build cost of the Trap by 10% and grants +500 coin at the start of a match.

"Subsidized? Don't go thinkin' I need any handouts, now!" - Dobbin, Claim Jumper

Traps with Components slots[edit source]

Traps with Components slot
Arcane Bowling Ball wood icon.png
Arcane Bowling Ball bronze icon.png
Arcane Bowling Ball silver icon.png
Arcane Bowling Ball gold icon.png
Arcane Phaser wood icon.png
Arcane Phaser bronze icon.png
Arcane Phaser silver icon.png
Arcane Phaser gold icon.png
Barricade wood icon.png
Barricade bronze icon.png
Barricade silver icon.png
Barricade gold icon.png
Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall wood icon.png
Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall bronze icon.png
Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall silver icon.png
Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall gold icon.png
Big Game Hunting Ballista wood icon.png
Big Game Hunting Ballista bronze icon.png
Big Game Hunting Ballista silver icon.png
Big Game Hunting Ballista gold icon.png
Big Game Hunting Zapper wood icon.png
Big Game Hunting Zapper bronze icon.png
Big Game Hunting Zapper silver icon.png
Big Game Hunting Zapper gold icon.png
Boom Barrel wood icon.png
Boom Barrel bronze icon.png
Boom Barrel silver icon.png
Boom Barrel gold icon.png
Boom Barrel Roller wood icon.png
Boom Barrel Roller bronze icon.png
Boom Barrel Roller silver icon.png
Boom Barrel Roller gold icon.png
Boulder Chute wood icon.png
Boulder Chute bronze icon.png
Boulder Chute silver icon.png
Boulder Chute gold icon.png
Concussive Pounder wood icon.png
Concussive Pounder bronze icon.png
Concussive Pounder silver icon.png
Concussive Pounder gold icon.png
Decoy wood icon.png
Decoy bronze icon.png
Decoy silver icon.png
Decoy gold icon.png
Great Wall Barricade wood icon.png
Great Wall Barricade bronze icon.png
Great Wall Barricade silver icon.png
Great Wall Barricade gold icon.png
Grinder wood icon.png
Grinder bronze icon.png
Grinder silver icon.png
Grinder gold icon.png
Healing Well wood icon.png
Healing Well bronze icon.png
Healing Well silver icon.png
Healing Well gold icon.png
Icicle Impaler wood icon.png
Icicle Impaler bronze icon.png
Icicle Impaler silver icon.png
Icicle Impaler gold icon.png
Lightning Rod wood icon.png
Lightning Rod bronze icon.png
Lightning Rod silver icon.png
Lightning Rod gold icon.png
Mana Well wood icon.png
Mana Well bronze icon.png
Mana Well silver icon.png
Mana Well gold icon.png
Naphtha Sprayer wood icon.png
Naphtha Sprayer bronze icon.png
Naphtha Sprayer silver icon.png
Naphtha Sprayer gold icon.png
Overload Trap wood icon.png
Overload Trap bronze icon.png
Overload Trap silver icon.png
Overload Trap gold icon.png
Power Generator wood icon.png
Power Generator bronze icon.png
Power Generator silver icon.png
Power Generator gold icon.png
Powerup Damage wood icon.png
Powerup Damage bronze icon.png
Powerup Damage silver icon.png
Powerup Damage gold icon.png
Shield Powerup wood icon.png
Shield Powerup bronze icon.png
Shield Powerup silver icon.png
Shield Powerup gold icon.png
Speed Pad wood icon.png
Speed Pad bronze icon.png
Speed Pad silver icon.png
Speed Pad gold icon.png
Steam Vent wood icon.png
Steam Vent bronze icon.png
Steam Vent silver icon.png
Steam Vent gold icon.png
Summoner Trap wood icon.png
Summoner Trap bronze icon.png
Summoner Trap silver icon.png
Summoner Trap gold icon.png
Swinging Mace wood icon.png
Swinging Mace bronze icon.png
Swinging Mace silver icon.png
Swinging Mace gold icon.png
Tar Trap wood icon.png
Tar Trap bronze icon.png
Tar Trap silver icon.png
Tar Trap gold icon.png
Trip Wire wood icon.png
Trip Wire bronze icon.png
Trip Wire silver icon.png
Trip Wire gold icon.png
Viscous Tar wood icon.png
Viscous Tar bronze icon.png
Viscous Tar silver icon.png
Viscous Tar gold icon.png
Web Spinner wood icon.png
Web Spinner bronze icon.png
Web Spinner silver icon.png
Web Spinner gold icon.png

Preview[edit source]

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