Temple Alarm Gong

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Temple Alarm Gong
Temple Alarm Gong wood card.png
Temple Alarm Gong bronze card.png
Temple Alarm Gong silver card.png
Temple Alarm Gong gold card.png
Unlocked at:
Tier Upgrade:
-15% Trap Cost
-20% cooldown with Yi-Lin
Tier 3 part slot: Field
Field icon.png
Tier 5 part slot: Spring
Spring icon.png
Tier 7 part slot: Trigger
Trigger icon.png

Temple Alarm Gong is a Trap in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Temple Alarm Gong wood image.png
Temple Alarm Gong bronze image.png
Temple Alarm Gong silver image.png
Temple Alarm Gong gold image.png

Description[edit source]

This ancient gong sounds an alarm when Enemies approach and slows them by 70%. -20% cooldown when used by Yi-Lin.

Does not include a snooze button.

Stats[edit source]

Placement Ceiling Placement Ceiling.png
Cost 1000 Currency Coins.png
Size 3x1
Re-fire rate 17.3s
Duration 2.5s
Count 2

Upgrade[edit source]

Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7
Temple Alarm Gong bronze icon.png
Field icon.png
Temple Alarm Gong silver icon.png
Spring icon.png
Temple Alarm Gong gold icon.png
Trigger icon.png
-15% Trap Cost -15% Trap Cost -15% Trap Cost -15% Trap Cost -15% Trap Cost -15% Trap Cost
850Currency Coins.png 700Currency Coins.png 550Currency Coins.png 400Currency Coins.png 250Currency Coins.png 100Currency Coins.png