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Tundra card.png
Base HP:
Primary Attack Type:
Primary Damage Type:
Trap Affinity:
+25% damage with Saw Of Arctos
Cost in Store:
1500Currency Gold.png or 12000Currency Skulls.png

Tundra Oathkeeper of Arctos is a playable Hero in Orcs Must Die! Unchained.

Tundra image.png

Description[edit source]

Tundra, a frost magic wielding melee hero, uses his abilities to freeze and deal damage to his enemies.

Character Bio[edit source]

Tundra, Oathkeeper and scion of the royal family of Arctos, wields formidable frost magic. His powerful abilities inspire fealty in his allies and fear in his enemies. Bow down or feel the icy bite of his scepter.

Lore[edit source]

Abilities[edit source]

Icon Type Name Description Damage Cost Cooldown (s) Notes
Permafrost icon.png Passive Permafrost Frozen minions take more damage from Tundra and remain frozen longer. +100% to damage and debuff duration to Frozen-affected minions. N/A N/A N/A
Glacial Sweep icon.png Primary Glacial Sweep Tundra swings his scepter, dealing frost damage to the enemies it hits. ??? 0 0s
Icicle Burst icon.png Secondary Icicle Burst Tundra shoots 3 rapid-fire icicles, dealing frost damage to enemies and applying a brief slow. ??? 25 4s
Wall of Frost icon.png Third Wall of Frost Creates an ice barrier in front of Tundra that blocks the movement of enemies. The wall melts after 5s. 0 40 30s You can hold to preview the placement.
Flash Freeze icon.png Fourth Flash Freeze Releases a blast of ice, instantly freezing every enemy in a narrow area. 0 80 25s
Avalanche (ability) icon.png Fifth Avalanche (ability) Tundra becomes a giant snowball, increasing his movement speed and dealing frost damage to enemies he rolls over. ??? 10/s 25s Can be canceled pressing Shift again.

Upgrades[edit source]

Icon Name Description
Tier 1
(Battle Level 2)
Avalanche Potential icon.png Avalanche Potential Reduces the cooldown of Avalanche (ability) by 20% and removes its time limit.
Brittle Ice icon.png Brittle Ice Increases damage dealt to frozen targets by 25%.
Iced Over icon.png Iced Over Reduces the mana cost of Icicle Burst by 15%.
Tier 2
(Battle Level 4)
Frosty Aura icon.png Frosty Aura Reduces the movement speed of enemies that hit Tundra by 30% for 3s.
Snowballing icon.png Snowballing Increases Avalanche (ability)'s damage by 20%. It also increases its speed and maneuverability.
Chilled Weapons icon.png Chilled Weapons Wall of Frost adds 40% frost damage to heroes primary attacks when they pass through it.
Tier 3
(Battle Level 7)
Deep Freeze icon.png Deep Freeze Increases the duration of Permafrost's Frozen debuff by 25%.
Crushing Flow icon.png Crushing Flow Avalanche (ability) deals damage in a radius when canceled. Damage scales with level.
Icicle Assault icon.png Icicle Assault Adds +1 projectiles to Icicle Burst.
Tier 4
(Battle Level 10)
Freezer Burn icon.png Freezer Burn Hitting an enemy with Icicle Burst reduces the remaining cooldown of Flash Freeze by 3% each hit.
Shattering Icicles icon.png Shattering Icicles Each shot from Icicle Burst explodes, causing a 50% chance to deal frost damage in a small radius.
Stay Frosty icon.png Stay Frosty Flash Freeze casts a 5s damage over time spell on Frozen enemies. Damage scales with level.

Vanity[edit source]

Detailed View
Vanity Preview Description Obtained In Cost
[[]] 100px Tundra Epic Heroic Dye Tundra Epic Heroic Dye icon.png Second Dye that can be applied to all Skins of the hero. Grand Vanity Chest 750 Currency Gold.png
[[]] 100px Tundra Legendary Heroic Dye Tundra Legendary Heroic Dye icon.png Third Dye that can be applied to all Skins of the hero. Costume Trunk 750 Currency Gold.png
Tundra War Chief Tundra War Chief card.png “I'm not a bear, I just shapeshift into one. Hah! That's a joke, of course. I'm always a bear.” - Tundra, Oathkeeper of Arctos Store 1000 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px
Tundra King of Arctos Tundra King of Arctos card.png "All must proclaim their fealty to the King of Arctos." - Tundra, Oathkeeper of Arctos Grand Vanity Chest 750 Currency Gold.png [[]] 100px
Tundra Oathkeeper of Arctos Tundra Oathkeeper of Arctos card.png Tundra, Oathkeeper and scion of the royal family of Arctos, wields formidible frost magic. His powerful spells inspire fealty in his allies and fear in his enemies. Bow down or feel the icy bite of his scepter. By Default N/A [[]] 100px
Tundra Big Lebearski Tundra Big Lebearski card.png "He thinks he's the only one around here that respects the rules of engagement against the Unchained." - Cygnus, the Master of the Order Merry Riftmas! Community Event Chest N/A [[]] 100px
Tundra Imperial Golden Mage Tundra Imperial Golden Mage card.png "Noodles or kung fu? This is a difficult decision." - Tundra, Oathkeeper of Arctos Wu Xing Invasion Community Event Chest N/A [[]] 100px

Hero Related Achievements[edit source]

Name Icon Description
Iced, Baby icon.png Iced, Baby Kill 1,000 frozen enemies as Tundra.
Landslide icon.png Landslide Roll 250,000 meters in battle with Tundra's Avalanche (ability).
Mr. Freeze icon.png Mr. Freeze Freeze 5,000 enemies with Tundra's Flash Freeze.

Quotes[edit source]

Grizzly Bear "All grizzlies bow to the King of Arctos and his son, the Oathkeeper!" - Tundra, the Oathkeeper of Arctos
Frost Clan Light Orc "My, I... seem to have underestimated the strength of my spell. No matter, they will still die by my claws!" - Tundra, Oathkeeper of Arctos

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