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Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are a game mode featuring rule-bending gameplay designed to create unique challenges and puzzles. Each weekly challenge is played with a predetermined set of Heroes, Traps, Guardians, and Gear. Some example rulesets are "each hero has only one HP" or "no Coin is generated outside the starting Coin."

The weekly challenge changes each week on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. Central Time or 5:00 p.m Central European Summer Time.

The weekly challenge can be accessed via both the play and profile tabs.

Earning Rewards

The weekly challenge is eligible for regular battleground rewards, including hero victory chests, 3-star Chests, and 5-star chests. Completing each challenge with all three heroes will earn three hero victory Chests. In addition, obtaining 3- or 5-stars for the first time awards a tiered (apprentice, war mage, master, or rift lord) chest corresponding to each player's highest unlocked difficulty. 

Each weekly challenge also features a leaderboard. Challenge friends, guildmates, and the entire OMD!U community for the top score each week! Don't be discouraged if these challenges require multiple attempts. They're designed to encourage trial and error, problem-solving, and practice.

List of Weekly Challenges[edit | edit source]

Detailed View
Battleground Preview Map Heroes Traps Description Waves Par Time
The Hero's Litter The Hero's Litter Weekly Challenge preview.png The Canals Maximilian, Hogarth, Ivy Barricade, Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall, Big Game Hunting Ballista, Big Game Hunting Zapper Battle enemy heroes and their tiny kobold friends in this weekly challenge. 5 6:00
Do The Trap Shuffle Do The Trap Shuffle Weekly Challenge preview.png Temple Graveyard Cygnus, Blackpaw, Tundra Barricade, Brimstone, Temple Alarm Gong, Boom Barrel Roller, Wall Blades, Haymaker In this challenge, you start with all the trap money you're going to get, and your main weapon does no damage. Use your traps, abilities, and gear to stop the waves of Unchained minions! 6 6:00
Grand Finale Grand Finale Weekly Challenge preview.png Midnight Market Zoey, Maximilian, Ivy Boom Barrel, Viscous Tar, Great Wall Barricade, Power Generator, Coin Forge, Healing Well, Mana Well, Decoy Chain boom barrel explosions together to defeat the Wu Xing dynasty. 6 5:00
Keep Your Distance Keep Your Distance Weekly Challenge preview.png Training Grounds Deadeye, Maximilian, Ivy Barricade, Tar Trap, Brimstone, Spitfire Wall, Grinder, Dragon's Lance, Mana Well This challenge puts a large aura around your Hero that heals minions. Defeat the minions at long range. 6 10:30
I'm the Boss Now I'm the Boss Now Weekly Challenge preview.png The Baths Deadeye, Cygnus, Midnight Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall, Big Game Hunting Ballista, Big Game Hunting Zapper This challange pits you against numerous bosses. Take them down using big game traps 5 4:00
Purple Maze Purple Maze Weekly Challenge preview.png Eventide Fortress Gabriella, Oziel, Stinkeye Barricade, Great Wall Barricade, Viscous Tar, Cursed Ground, Brimstone, Wall Charger, Shock Zapper Purple it up with OMD!U's arcane-pòwered heroes and maze it up with totally free barricades and traps. But be prepared; this challenge features HUGE waves of minions after the first wave. 6 12:00
Gotta Go Fast Gotta Go Fast Weekly Challenge preview.png Orcatraz Temper, Cygnus, Dobbin Tar Trap, Flip Trap, Floor Spikes, Arrow Wall, Dragon's Lance Everyone's in a hurry in this weekly challenge. Both minions and heroes move at increased speed, but don't count on getting a break for your hero to catch its breath, This challenge has NO go breaks. 5 4:00
Playing With Fire Playing With Fire Weekly Challenge preview.png Banquet Hall Hogarth, Ivy, Zoey Shield Powerup, Powerup Damage, Healing Well, Mana Well, Big Game Hunting Ballista Start at battle level 3 equipped with only coin and mostly non-damage dealing traps in this weekly challenge. Minions are exceptionally lethal and come from unstable rifts at every angle too. Don't let this challenge burn you out! 5 5:30
Vanishing Act Vanishing Act Weekly Challenge preview.png Frostbite Gabriella, Ivy, Zoey Tar Trap, Flip Trap, Floor Spikes, Spitfire Wall, Dragon's Lance Sneaky, invisible enemies are trying to overtake Frostbite Fortress in this weekly challenge. Damage them to knock them into visibility and defeat them. 6 7:30
Doublets! Doublets! Weekly Challenge preview.png Orcatraz Temper, Tundra, Zoey Tar Trap, Flip Trap, Floor Spikes, Arrow Wall, Dragon's Lance No, you're NOT seeing double. In this weekly challenge, waves double in size each wave for 5 waves. Do you think your hero can stop this prison break? 5 6:00
Off the Chain! Off the Chain! Weekly Challenge preview.png Maximum Security Oziel, Cygnus, Bloodspike Barricade, Decoy, Summoner Trap, Arcane Bowling Ball, Overload Trap, Saw Of Arctos Your hero will have to stay Unchained to tackle all the heavy units and bosses this challenge throws at you. Luckily, some Unchained drops will help you along the way. Make sure to pick them up and keep your Unchained meter glowing and going. 5 6:40
Alms for the Poor Alms for the Poor Weekly Challenge preview.png Storm Drain Hogarth, Smolder, Blackpaw Great Wall Barricade, Tar Trap, Arcane Phaser, Ice Shard, Arrow Wall, Web Spinner, Lightning Rod Your hero will have to rely on handouts in this challenge. Once the hero's starting coin runs out, the only coin generated in the level is the coin that drops with each wave--no coin from combos, kills, or abilities. Don't forget to pick up coin! 6 11:00
The Merc's Litter The Merc's Litter Weekly Challenge preview.png Confluence Maximilian, Hogarth, Ivy Barricade, Big Game Hunting Arrow Wall, Big Game Hunting Ballista, Big Game Hunting Zapper Battle enemy mercenaries and their tiny kobold friends in this weekly challenge. 5 6:00
One and Done One and Done Weekly Challenge preview.png Restricted Section Cygnus, Maximilian, Zoey Barricade, Ceiling Ballista, Floor Spikes, Push Trap, Grinder, Spike Wall, Tar Trap In this challenge, your rift starts out with one rift point left before it fails. Keep ALL enemies out of it or you'll be "one and done! 6 10:00
Your Own Devices Your Own Devices Weekly Challenge preview.png The Wall Smolder, Midnight, Oziel Great Wall Barricade Use the Great Wall Barricade and little else but your hero's abilities to keep enemies out of your rift in this challenge. Don't forget to bring some gear! 6 7:30
Inferiority Complex Inferiority Complex Weekly Challenge preview.png The Falling Folly Hogarth, Bloodspike, Bionka Barricade, Spike Wall, Push Trap, Boom Barrel, Flip Trap, Powerup Damage, Concussive Pounder Assert your superiority by surviving this challenge as a melee hero with 1 health. Keep your eyes peeled for archers! 6 6:00
We Can Rebuild It We Can Rebuild It Weekly Challenge preview.png Docks at Eventide Stinkeye, Gabriella, Midnight Barricade, Viscous Tar, Flip Trap, Wall Blades, Shock Zapper Be prepared to build and rebuild your killboxes to deal with waves of every minion and boss type Centre has to offer. You'll have to think quickly about your strategy to complete this challenge! 4 8:20
Rolling in it Rolling in it Weekly Challenge preview.png Academy Sewers Dobbin, Cygnus, Smolder Great Wall Barricade, Ceiling Ballista, Brimstone, Haymaker, Shock Zapper, Spike Wall, Viscous Tar You'll need to be rolling in it to afford these traps. Good things come to those who wait 6 8:00
Dodge City Dodge City Weekly Challenge preview.png Gates of Thuricvod Gabriella, Zoey, Smolder Flip Trap, Push Trap, Floor Spikes, Grinder, Shock Zapper, Wall Blades Ranged minions roam this battleground backed up by their heavy friends. Your hero better learn how to duck and dodge to complete this challenge. 5 7:30
Fun with Physics Fun with Physics Weekly Challenge preview.png Thuricvod Village Gabriella, Zoey, Ivy Flip Trap, Push Trap, Spike Wall, Haymaker Give your enemies a physics lesson. Achieve victory with only physics traps to beat this challenge. 6 6:15
Rift Instability Rift Instability Weekly Challenge preview.png Stables at Eventide Bionka, Tundra, Blackpaw Arrow Wall, Viscous Tar, Ceiling Ballista, Floor Spikes, Flip Trap Something has gone terribly wrong with the rifts at this jungle fortress. Stop the unstable rifts and the enemies controlling them. 5 5:30
Library-rinth Library-rinth Weekly Challenge preview.png Archmage Library Cygnus, Smolder, Oziel Barricade, Tar Trap Use barricades to turn this library into a bookshelf maze if you want a chance to win this weekly challenge! 6 10:00
Freezed to Meet You Freezed to Meet You Weekly Challenge preview.png Riftmaker's Temple Tundra, Hogarth, Zoey Barricade, Ice Vent, Ice Shard, Icicle Impaler, Saw Of Arctos, Mana Well It's all ice, ice, baby! All the enemies on this level deal frost damage, and so do all the heroes and traps. Do you have what it takes to thaw this challenge out? 6 7:15
Memory Lanes Memory Lanes Weekly Challenge preview.png Water Garden Maximilian, Zoey, Ivy Brimstone, Floor Spikes Survive a single wave without using the minimap. You'll need to use your memory to keep track of where enemies are coming from. 1 4:00

More Information (Blog from ShadeDev)[edit | edit source]

With update 1.6, we introduced the concept of Weekly Challenges, a familiar concept from Orcs Must Die 2. In short, weekly challenges are scenarios with specific parameters and dramatic alterations to gameplay that rotate on a weekly basis. In other words, specific tools are provided to solve a very specific puzzle.

We have loved our community’s responses to these challenges and would like to provide more detail on the design principles that guide their creation. In general, when building a weekly challenge, we have several goals:

  1. Create a puzzle that takes multiple attempts to solve.
  2. Subvert normal gameplay.
  3. Introduce and teach different strategies.

Puzzles That Require Multiple Attempts

Due to the fact that only one challenge is available each week, we try to make the weekly challenges noticeably difficult. While experienced players may have a general advantage, all trap upgrades and account level bonuses are removed during the challenge to level the playing field and provide a uniform experience.

The overall win rate for most weekly challenges is 50%. Of those victories, 65% are between 1 and 3 stars. Keep in mind however, that the first-attempt win rate is much lower. Losing on the first attempt is a normal experience, and each failure should better equip players for success the next round. In addition, we don’t expect every player to be able to 5-star weekly challenges; many are difficult puzzles that require mastery of advanced game mechanics. The goal of these challenges is to provide a puzzle that isn’t conquered in a single attempt.

Dramatically Altering Normal Gameplay

When designing a weekly challenge, we typically start off by brainstorming interesting rule modifications. This can be along multiple vectors, such as player inventory, heroes, or direct rule changes.

For example, the initial design of “Inferiority Complex” was simple; the waves would be comprised of highly damaging minions. However, as the design team began discussing the design further, we began to think of variations on that concept that would challenge players more and alter gameplay more significantly. By cutting player health to one, restricting the challenge to melee heroes, and limiting direct trap damage, the challenge's dynamic changes substantially. Players must find ways to control aggro, damage enemies from afar, or risk instant death. Suddenly, a wave of six light orcs, which is normally easy to handle, becomes a massive threat.

It is these type of gameplay alterations that allow us to drive new experiences every week.

Introducing and Teaching Different Strategies

Another goal of our weekly challenges is to encourage the use of different strategies and introduce newer players to intermediate and advanced tactics. This is achieved through rule alterations (like the ones we made with Inferiority Complex) which allow players to use heroes and items that they may not own or have upgraded, or restricting the use of common items in favor of rarer, situational items.

For example, in the weekly challenge “Playing with Fire,” players face many unstable rifts and order mages. However, we provide players with Big Game Hunting arrows to kill Unstable Rifts. The player is not forced to utilize this strategy, but the challenge becomes significantly harder if it is not. This is not a common strategy outside of the weekly challenge, but due to its design, players walk away with increased understanding of Big Game Hunting traps. We hope that these types of challenges will serve as excellent opportunities to learn, try new strategies, and use advanced tactics for future challenges.

The design team thoroughly enjoys coming up with new weekly challenge ideas, and we are glad that the community continues to give us great feedback.[1]

Scoring[edit | edit source]

Visit Weekly Challenges Scoring for all the info about scoring in Weekly Challenges.